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How Ventilation Helps Fight the Virus

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Coronavirus and the potential of airborne transmission forces mechanical ventilation into the spotlight. The Health and Safety Executive state that “good ventilation reduces the concentration of the virus in the air and therefore reduces the risks from airborne transmission”. Therefore, ventilation represents a step that can be taken passively, but effectively to improve the health of a home.

Hence why the UK government is focusing on ventilation to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Ventilation is a recommended consideration when making installations as part of the Green Homes Grant measures. The pandemic brings front-of-mind air-quality and air supply considerations for our homes and commercial spaces, as research shows that being in a room with fresh air can reduce risk of infection from particles by over 70%.

As we spend more time indoors, experts are recommending windows are opened for short, sharp bursts of 10 to 15 minutes regularly throughout the day or left slightly open continuously. However, it is also advised that bathroom and kitchen extract fans are used especially considering that increasing the ventilation rate from 1 litre per second per person (very low ventilation rate) to 10 litres per second per person (recommended ventilation rate in standards for many buildings) gives a reduction in relative risk of infection of between 68% and 86%.

However, it’s worth noting that whilst ventilation is a good control against airborne transmission of small coronavirus particles in the air after someone with coronavirus has occupied an enclosed area; it is not effective against droplet or contact transmission routes. Therefore, ventilation should be considered alongside usual measures of hand hygiene, contact reduction, social distancing, and wearing masks.

You can learn more about the impact of ventilation on the coronavirus via the govenrment's press release.

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