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Ideal for those stuck to a desk on warm days. It takes up very little desk space and can be remote controlled.

  • 70 degree Oscillation
  • Runback Timer
  • Remote Controlled

With motorised oscillation and an adjustable tilting head, this electric fan's cooling effect can be felt up to 20 metres away!

  • 360 degree Oscillation
  • 90 degree Manual Tilt

With its slim design and motorised oscillation, this fan takes up little space yet effectively cools a large space. You can set it to work hassle free using its runback timer or remote control.

  • Super Slim Design
  • 78 degree Oscillation
  • 8 hour Runback Timer
  • 3 Speed Setting
  • Remote Controlled

With its sleek design and dual air outlet, the Skyscraper fan effectively cools every corner of your room.

  • 360 degree oscillating upper air outlet
  • 90 degree lower air outlet
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Remote controlled