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Air Circulation

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Portable cooling fans
Xpelair bring you a collection of cooling fans suited for different areas of the home. From the XP15E mini tower fan ideally suited for the home office to the tall and slim XPP or the extraordinarily powerful XPA360CF which offers 360 degree cooling.
Whispair ceiling sweep fans provide a cooling circulation of air during hot period in public buildings, shops, restaurants, village halls, farm buildings, factories and other commercial buildings. They can also be reversed for heat destratification.

Extractor Fans

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GX12 window fans have remained a byword for commercial window fans for over forty years. Supplied with longer ladder strips for ease of installation and with safety finger-guard integrated into the housing and the window grille.
GX12 EC3
The GX12 EC3 model comes complete with a variable speed ultra EC motor, to improve performance, lower running costs and provide a complete solution with lasting longevity in all commercial applications.
GX6 high performance extractor fans are purpose designed for use in kitchens, utility and bathrooms. They can be window or panel mounted as supplied, or wall mounted using an optional wall kit.
The GX9 fans are reversible and feature totally enclosed external rotor motors providing constant volume outputs, even in gusty external conditions. The pre-balanced sickle bladed impellors eliminate `fan judder'' and ensure quiet trouble free operation.

Heat & Cool Recovery

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Natural Air 180
The Xpelair Natural Air 180 Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit provides whole-house ventilation - fresh air is supplied from outside the premises, while warm, stale, damp air is continuously extracted out.
Xcell QV1
Xcell Stratum
Xcell Stratum heat recovery units are compact, low profile and installer friendly being much lighter to handle than metal cased units. The B1 rated EPP structural material has a high U value, so no cold bridging. Suitable for ceiling or loft installation.


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XP Dehumidifiers
Xpelair Dehumidifiers are ideal for maintaining a comfortable balance of humidity in our homes, preventing damp and condensation and also the build-up of mould and mildew. Available in two capacity sizes: 10 and 20 Litres, a compact sized 10L model and an advance timer controlled 20L model.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation

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Xplus 2
Xplus 2 AC is a high performing central extract system designed to continuously extract stale, moist air from domestic kitchens, bathrooms and commercial wet rooms. Can also be used for commercial applications, where continuous extract is required.