Xcell 600

  • Up to 70% thermal efficiency

  • Bottom access

  • Low profile design for ceiling/floor voids

  • Multi-room extract spigot option

  • Acoustically lined

  • Remote mounted speed selector included

Designed for the larger property, the Xcell 600 provides high performance and excellent heat recovery efficiency featuring multi-speed fans chosen for their quiet operation and proven reliability. The heat recovery cell is a high efficiency design having a typical energy recovery rate of 70% and is fitted with two heavy duty filters, and an anti-bacterial stainless steel outlet on condensate tray.

The Xcell 600BP has a built-in motorised summer 100% bypass which uses cool summer evening air to give free cooling when the outside air temperature is lower than indoors. A remotely positioned speed selector is provided with the unit.

Xcell 600 Range


Xcell 600 Low Profile Dual Access Hideaway Heat Recovery Unit
£1212.68 inc VAT

Xcell 600BP Low Profile Dual Access Hideaway Heat Recovery Unit
£1532.53 inc VAT