Simply Silent G6

  • Ghost Air Movement Technology enables quiet running
  • Sleek design with interchangeable fascia options available in square and round
  • 2 speeds 54l/s and 61l/s - selectable at install
  • Suitable for window fitting with window kit supplied
  • Window kit can be installed entirely from the inside
  • Complies with building regulations Part F and L

The Simply Silent G6 intermittent extract fan range has been designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding décor. It comes complete with a window kit, and once the 184mm diameter hole has been cut into the windows, the G6 can simply be installed from the inside using only three screws.

Available in square or round, the sleek, smooth, interchangeable fascia will suit all applications and design preferences. The G6 range has two speeds, selectable at install.

Simply Silent G6 Range


G6S Simply Silent G6S
£145.50 inc VAT

G6R Simply Silent G6R
£145.50 inc VAT